Private Label Marketing Mailbox for
Your Organization.

Marketing Mailbox gives you all the tools you need to identify, prospect, and design,
professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

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Key features for Private Label Accounts

Customize Your Dashboard

Upload your company logo or create a product logo to brand the software for your users.

Multiple Users

Add unlimited sub-users to your Master Account.

Assign Permissions

Customize all program features for each sub-user. Turn on features for some and off for others.

Share Your Master Account

Allocate your master account CRM space and anytime prospecting credits to each sub-user

Private Email Template Gallery

Build a Private Gallery of email templates that only your sub-users can access.

Unique Registration Codes

Provide your members a unique registration code that links their account to your Master Account.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when a sub-user registers.

Larger Discounts

Buy CRM space and Anytime Credits at a deep discount from our online rates (based on volume requirement).

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Add a Virtual Assistant to your plan to help you with:

  • Build targeted lists from our database
  • Build personalized email messages
  • Manage your CRM database
  • Call opens and clicks to schedule a call or meeting

Call us for more information at (800) 498-0105

Start connecting with current
clients and prospects today.

Marketing Mailbox is an essential marketing tool for any small to
medium sized business looking to send personalized targeted email communications to clients and prospects.

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